Our Story
How we met!

If you didn't know this already, we are closet science nerds and proud of it! We met at Michigan State University and both attended the Lyman Briggs College. David was a fraternity member of ATO and Sarah, a sorority member of KAT and our paths cross many times on campus. Senior year was when we really connected in a science class, and David basically completed the class for two people! A first date turned into a second and years passed and we became inseparable.


The word on the street was that David had a evergreen tree he basically nursed from a small 1 inch seedling in a dixie cup into now a mid-sized tree. Well, it was basically a miracle that this little guy survived multiple winters. The tree eventually required more sunlight and was transplanted down the street near Quarton Lake. Multiple daily trips of wheelbarrows full of water were required (props to Jim Selis) and eventually it was thriving on its own. It became a tradition to decorate the tree with Hanukkah ornaments every winter. The whole neighborhood would look forward to this little tree being embellished with blue and silver bulbs. This past winter we visited home for a weekend and David told me we must go take down the ornaments. After complaining about the cold (living in Florida makes 40 degree weather rough) we left the house bundled up. Looking back, I now know why he refused to allow me to wear gloves. As we approached the tree I was puzzled that half the tree was decorated with hearts. He knelt on one knee and the rest was history.

Obviously I said YES!

The Wedding

Saturday, June 10, 2017
7:00 PM
Attire: Cocktail
Ceremony and Reception
Birmingham Country Club
1750 Saxon Dr, Birmingham, MI 48009, USA

The ceremony will be on the first tee at sundown at 7pm, followed by an outdoor cocktail hour. The dinner and celebration will follow indoors! Thank you for joining us on this special day.